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Heat multimeter 279 FC Fluke

Heat multimeter 279 FC Fluke

Product information

Fluke Connect™ is a system of test tools with Bluetooth communication. Via an app for smartphone or tablet, maintenance technicians, electricians and engineers are able to gain real-time remote access and gather, store and share* data and images to the whole of their team without needing to leave the site. This makes it possible to spot trends and anomalies without supervision on site* and helps the team to perform their tasks better and faster.

*) Within the Bluetooth coverage range.

Fluke 279 FC is a combined multimeter and thermal imager with Bluetooth communication via Fluke Connect and with true RMS. Option to connect up to 3 Bluetooth modules. Read the thermal multimeter results from a safe distance and therefore minimise the risk of injury. Multimeter which measures AC and DC voltage up to 1000 V.

Measures resistance, diode test, capacitance and frequency. Function to save the min/max value. Current measurement value as well as the values from modules are displayed at the same time. With a thermal imager built into the module, this so-called 2-1 instrument increases both productivity and comfort.

The thermal imager has a fixed focusing mechanism. This is not a camera for visible light. Image transfer is via Fluke Connect, storage up to 100 images. The optional PC adapter (235870805) can be used to connect to a PC for detailed analysis and diagnosis.

Supplied with test probe TL 75, alligator clips AC 175 and user guide.

In addition to the above instruments, the Fluke 279 FC/iFlex set (24798-0204) contains an iFlex current probe which extends measuring capability up to 2500 A, while still allowing measurements in tight and awkward spaces.

Supplied with iFlex current probe, test probe TL 175, crocodile clips AC 175, magnetic holder TPAK and transport case.

CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V.

Manufacturer´s description
279 FC iFLEX
Voltage measurement range (AC) max
1000 V
Voltage measurement range (DC) max
1000 V
Current measurement range (AC), max
400 mA
Resistance measurement range, max
50 MΩ
Frequency measurement range, max
999 Hz
Camera resolution
80×60 pixlar
Temperature measurement range, max
200 °C
Temperature measurement range, min
-10 °C
Temperature inaccuracy
± 5 °C (± 5%)
Measurement modes
Field of view (FOV), vertical
27 °
Field of view (FOV), horizontal
36 °
Thermal sensitivity (NETD), at 30 °C
≤ 200 °C
Memory card capacity
0.5 MB
Battery type
Battery life
10 h
94 mm
Display size
3.5 tum
Safety classification
CAT III 1000,
CAT IV 600 V
0.9 kg
5.9 mm
216 mm
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