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Vane anemometer Testo 410i

Vane anemometer Testo 410i

Product information

410i. Compact wireless impeller sensor. For measuring air speed, air flow and temperature. Display of air flow from several air terminal devices. Free wireless Bluetooth app.

The compact impeller sensor Testo 410i is included in Testo´s Smart Probes series and is used in combination with a smartphone or tablet. It can be used to measure air speed, air flow and temperature at air terminal devices. Also suitable for adjusting the air flow in ventilation systems. When the free app is downloaded to a phone or tablet, the user can comfortably read their measurement values, quickly and easily configure air flow measurements and reliably measure mean time and point values. The measurement results can then be sent directly as PDF or Excel files. Testo 410i is supplied with batteries and a calibration protocol.

Manufacturer´s description
Android 4.3 or later,
Requires iOS 8.3 or later,
Requires mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0
Air speed measurement range, max
30 m/s
Air speed measurement range, min
0.4 m/s
Air speed inaccuracy
±(0,2 m/s + 2 % av m.v.) (0,4 ... 20 m/s)
Air speed resolution
0.1 m/s
Temperature resolution
0.1 °C
Temperature measurement range, max
60 °C
Temperature measurement range, min
-20 °C
No. of batteries
3 st
Battery type
Operating time
200 h
Battery type IEC
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