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Hygrometer for air Testo 605

Hygrometer for air Testo 605

Product information

Compact measuring instrument for reading the relative humidity, air temperature and dew point. Precise moisture sensor, stable over long periods. The measuring head can be rotated through 180° for convenient reading. Automatic shut-off after approx. 10 minutes, or manual shut-off.

Battery type CR 2032, art. no. 109600304.

Concrete set 100510205. Complete set for measuring moisture in concrete. The set consists of 3 moisture meters Testo 605, description of method, 10 moisture tubes, and sealing equipment.

3 protective cones, moisture container for calibration and case.

Sensor tube: Ø 12 x 125 mm

ETIM class code
Moisture content, max
95 % RH
Moisture content, min
5 % RH
Air humidity inaccuracy
± 3 % RH
Air humidity resolution
0.1 % RH
Temperature resolution
0.1 °C
Temperature measurement range, max
70 °C
Temperature measurement range, min
-20 °C
Temperature inaccuracy
±0.5 °C
Operating time
200 h
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