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Grinding machine wet grinding TORMEK T 4

Grinding machine wet grinding TORMEK T 4

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The keyword in the Tormek grinding system is repeatability. The tools are controlled by jigs – only a small amount of steel is removed with each grinding operation, which makes the method extremely fast. Besides, the tools last longer. Tormek has a unique and effective aluminium oxide grinding stone. Honing and polishing is carried out on a leather honing disc and can also be performed using sharpening jigs, which provide full control and razor blade sharpness. The universal support, which forms the base of the system, has a flat thread with fine adjustment for precision settings. The universal support can be placed vertically for counter-grinding or horizontally for downfeed grinding.

Tormek T-4: is a further development of the T-3 model that takes precision and stability to a whole new level. Vital functions such as motor and main axle are mounted in the cast zinc top section, where the bushes for the universal support are also integrated. It provides unbeatable precision for the universal support, which is the basis of the whole Tormek jig system.

You get a quality machine that is ideal for home and hobby use and which can sharpen all common edge tools. Equipped with the original Tormek grindstone that both grinds quickly and gives a fine finish. Supplied with stone grader SP-650, angle gauge WM-200, whetstone paste PA-70, Tormek DVD and handbook for wet grinding. Supplement T-4 with your choice of jigs based on the tools you are going to sharpen (sold separately). Main axle made of stainless steel with Ezylock washer nut. Motor 230 volt 1-phase 30 min/h. Whetstone 200x40 mm. Swedish made, 7-year guarantee.

After registering the machine, the manual can be downloaded from or purchased in the store.

Motor voltage
230 V
No. of bevels
Motor output
60 W
Rated current
0.5 A
Grindstone width
40 mm
Grindstone diameter
200 mm
Spindle speed
120 r/min
8 kg
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