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Marker pen Lyra Dry Graphite

Marker pen Lyra Dry Graphite

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Dry Graphite. Deep-hole marker with 2.8 mm thick graphite tip as standard. The tip is 40 mm long, which means you can easily pass through brackets, e.g. for screw holes.

For marking on most surfaces/materials, for example, glossy surfaces such as tiles, clinker and glass, etc. Also adheres to dirty and oily surfaces.

The tip is fed easily with a simple thumb action. The cap is fitted with a belt clip for easy storage on trousers or tool pouch. Sharpener at the end of the pen.

Spare tip.

Graphite tip refill containing 12 Graphite tips with hardness grade 4B, slightly softer than a standard carpenter’s pen and which adheres better to most surfaces.

Basic tip refill containing 12 water-soluble tips that easily can be wiped off, in colours Graphite/Red/Yellow. Where the colours Red and Yellow also adhere to dirty and oily surfaces (sensitive to hot surfaces).

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