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Oil extractor Pressol 27622

Oil extractor Pressol 27622

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Oil extractor pneumatic suction valve. Intended for hot oil approx. 70 °C, 0.9 bar. Negative pressure is created in the container using the Venturi technique. The oil is drawn up through the suction hose. The container can be "loaded" with negative pressure and does not need to be connected to compressed air all the time. Sucks approx. 50 l per "upload". Drain the container by connecting compressed air, which expels the oil through the drainage hose. Container made of sheet steel mounted on a plate with 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors.

Supplied with Venturi valve with overfill protection, pneumatic connection for drainage, safety valve, 2 m suction hose, 2 m drainage hose and 3 suction probes, 4 suction adapters for BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi and Smart.

Suitable quick coupling: type Rectus S 25, Cejn 320.

Manufacturer´s description
70 l
Air consumption*
280 l/min
External dimensions L x W x H
620×620×1000 mm
36 kg
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