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Circular saw blade Micor

Circular saw blade Micor

Product information

Swedish tungsten carbide saw blade for professional use. Choose saw blades using the following general rules. Thin material tightly between the teeth of the saw blade (small tooth pitch). Thicker material more loosely between the teeth of the saw blade (bigger tooth pitch). More loosely between the teeth is best for shearing solid wood. At least two teeth and a maximum of four teeth should always be engaged in the material.

Tooth pitch 69. Shearing saw blade suitable for shearing solid wood.

Tooth pitch 30, 26, 19. Combination saw blade for cutting and shearing solid wood.

Tooth pitch 13, 16. Universal saw blade for cutting solid wood, shearing thin solid wood and trimming board material.

Tooth pitch 10. Adjustable saw blade for best results when trimming board material and fine cuts in solid wood.

ETIM class code
For processing
Wood laminate,
Hole diameter
30 mm
Tooth material
Tungsten carbide
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