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Recoil free coupling Cejn eSafe series 320 with locking ring

Recoil free coupling Cejn eSafe series 320 with locking ring

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Recoil free coupling eSafe 320 with Stream-Line connection. Coupling with a locking ring that provides additional security when disconnecting. For tough applications and where high safety standards is required. Sleeve and body made of steel, now surface treated with environmentally friendly chrome-6 free electric zinc plating, offering improved durability and additional corrosion protection. Couplings that provide extra safety, one-hand operated when connecting, but two-hand operated when disconnecting. The recoil free coupling has two-stage disconnection in order to vent the coupling and in doing so reduce the risk of the coupling flying off and causing injury. The low connection force together with a low sound level when disconnecting creates a safer and more secure working environment. Full metal couplings with recognised strong flow characteristics that give powerful compressed air tools and low pressure drops in the system. Flow at 0.5 bar pressure drop 2250 l /min. Conforms to ISO standard 4414 and EN 983. Temperature range: -20 °C to +80 °C. Max. working pressure 12 bar.

Interchangeable with Rectus 25.

ETIM class code
Working pressure
16 bar
Flow capacity
2250 l/min
Temperature range, max
100 °C
Temperature range, min
-20 °C
Quick coupling
Material Bits
Galvanized steel
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