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Blowgun Cejn MultiFLOW

Blowgun Cejn MultiFLOW

Product information

MultiFLOW. A powerful blowgun with many different applications for both air and water. Made of two-component material for better grip and durability. Very high quality with high adjustable flow and adjustable nozzle. This supplies the right pressure at the right time whether you are cleaning with air or water. A hard-wearing gun designed for tough, everyday use. Versatile gun suitable for many different and varied applications. Temperature range -20 °C to +80 °C.

11 210 0450 with female thread (without nipple)

11 210 0400 with 320 nipple

11 210 0430 with water nipple (interchangeable with Gardena fluid nipples)

11 210 0150 with female thread (without nipple)

11 210 3150 with female thread (without nipple)

ETIM class code
Sound level
79-101 dB (A)
Working pressure, max.
16 bar
Air consumption 100% intensity
200-1200 l/min
Rupture pressure
64 bar PSI (bar)
Water flow
4-25 l/min
Air consumption*
3.3-20 l/s
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