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Hose reel Cejn for air closed model Hi-Vis

Hose reel Cejn for air closed model Hi-Vis

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Hose reel for compressed air. High flow and low pressure drop. Slow and safe hose return. Robust design. Soft stop ball that prevents tripping.

Cejn Hi-Vis reels are equipped with a new luminous hose that protrudes from the floor and warns against a potential fall risk. Hi-Vis reels have the same characteristics as Cejn’s other secure reels, but are also equipped with a fluorescent hose for an even safer workplace.

CEJN hose reels give you excellent performance thanks to the patented design which does not restrict the flow, unlike most other reels. This results in better tool performance, saving both time and energy. The hose reel is ideal for a safe workplace. Safety features like the slow hose return, hose control, PUR hose, soft stop-ball that prevents tripping and anti-kink feature are just some examples of what makes these hose reels the best on the market. The reel can swivel through 180 degrees allowing the operator to move around freely, and the slow hose return makes it safe and easy for anyone to handle. The clever design makes it easy to replace a hose when required.

Bracket with quick-lock for ceiling and wall mounting. 180° swivel. Hose made of fluorescent reinforced polyurethane. 1.5 metre connection hose included.

ETIM class code
Working pressure, max.
16 bar
190 mm
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