Sandblasting cabin ILB 700 ILB 775

Product information

The sandblasting cabin is used by placing the workpiece inside the cabin while the operator stands outside with their arms stuck in through sealed openings. During the process, the sandblasting material is continuously reused until it runs out or is so worn that it loses its sanding effect. Suitable for surface cleaning in workshops, vocational schools, foundries, painting shops, glazing shops, etc. Uses an ejector gun with a tungsten carbide nozzle. Large front opening with a door latch and large 515x315 mm see-through panel made of 4 mm hardened glass, mounted in a Z-moulding which can be easily replaced when it wears. The cabin includes a blaster gun and nozzle, gloves and fluorescent light fitting with 2x18 W fluorescent tubes which provide very good lighting in the cabin.

We recommend glass beads as a suitable blasting agent.

For blasting coarse material, we recommend cabins larger than ILB 2000.

ILB 700 can be connected to a central extraction system or a portable extraction unit.

ILB 775 is supplied complete with a Microfiltration vacuum suction source.

Supplied fully assembled.

Manufacturer´s description
ILB 775
Air consumption 100% intensity
400 l/min
Grit size
0.01 – 0.6 mm
1 kW
60 kg
Internal measurements, W×D
750x700 mm
Door opening W×H
700x700 mm
Max. permitted pressure
8 bar
See-through panel
515×315 mm
750 mm
700 mm
1680 mm
Voltage V
230 V
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