Sandblasting cabin ILB 1200 ILB 2000

Product information

A sandblasting cabin complete with vacuum suction containing a prefilter and microfilter as well as a cleaning system for the blasting agent. The cabin has a large see-through panel measuring 315x515 mm made of 4 mm hardened glass, giving the operator a very good overview of the blasting work. The blaster gun is equipped with a foot operated, tungsten carbide nozzle and safety catch as well as a blowgun. The cabin has a large side opening for easy loading and unloading of the workpiece. The floor of the cabin consists of work grilles which catch large particles of rust and paint flakes, etc.

Supplied assembled complete with fluorescent light fitting, blasting agent container and gloves.

ILB 1200 is equipped with a simple Microfiltration vacuum suction and cleaning system.

ILB 2000 is equipped with Microfiltration vacuum suction incl. prefilter and microfilter as well as a double cleaning system for the blasting agent.

On request, the cabin can be supplied with a roller conveyor.

We recommend glass beads as a blasting agent plus aluminium oxide if the surface is a bit more chipped.

For blasting coarse material, we recommend cabins larger than ILB 2000.

Other sizes are available on request.

Door opening W×H
910x800 mm
Max. permitted pressure
8 bar
See-through panel
515×315 mm
1150 mm
800 mm
1750 mm
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