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Industrial thermometer testo 925

Industrial thermometer testo 925

Product information

The compact testo 925 instrument allows you to quickly and easily perform accurate temperature measurements within a wide range of –50 °C to +1000 °C.

Accuracy is +(0.5 °C (0.3% of mv.).

A thermocouple type K sensor is included with the temperature meter, but testo 925 is also compatible with other types of thermocouple type K sensor available on the market.

Practical features: Large, backlit display showing current values and min./max. value, hold function for freezing measured values, audible alarm when limit values are exceeded.

Benefits of the testo Smart app:

  • Easy setup of measuring instruments
  • Efficient management of customer and measurement site
  • Reliable storage of measurement data
  • Turns your mobile phone into a second screen
  • Display of graphic measurement curves
  • Simple documentation of all work
  • Sends report directly from measurement site via email.

The testo Smart app can be found on Google Play and App Store.

It is free to download and use.

Delivery contents:

  • testo 925 – single channel temperature meter TE, Type K, with app connection and audible alarm
  • Transport case
  • One thermocouple sensor Type K
  • Calibration protocol
  • Three AA batteries
Manufacturer´s description
0563 0925
ETIM class code
Temperature measurement range, max
1000 °C
Temperature measurement range, min
-50 °C
No. of batteries
3 st
188 g
Operating time
150 h
Storage temperature, max
50 °C
Storage temperature, min
-20 °C
Battery type ANSI
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