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Current module Fluke a3002 FC

Current module Fluke a3002 FC

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Fluke Connect™ is a system of test tools with Bluetooth communication. It's possible for maintenance technicians, electricians and engineers, via an app for a smartphone or tablet, to gain real-time remote access and gather, store and share* data and images to the whole of their team without the need of leaving the site. This makes it possible to spot trends, anomalies without supervision on site* and helps the teams to perform their tasks better and faster.

*) Within the Bluetooth coverage range.

Fluke a3002 FC AC/DC current module, designed for use with AC/DC current clamps i410(141670109) or i1010 (146540109) NOTE: No supplied with the module. With its accessories the module relays measurements wirelessly to other master units with Fluke Connect™. Measures up to 400 A AC or 400 A DC with i410, as well as 600A Ac or 1000 A DC with i1010. alternating current. Equipped with logging function to register and store 65,000 readings. Can be used as a standalone meter or as part of a system. Function for start current. CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V.

Current measurement range (AC), max
600 A
Current measurement range (DC), max
1000 A
Current resolution (AC)
0.1 A
Frequency inaccuracy
AC - 3 % ± 5 siffror (5 steg till 500 Hz)
Max. working temperature
50 °C
Work temperature, min
-10 °C
Safety classification
CAT IV 600 V CAT III 1000 VEN/IEC 61010-2-030:2010EN/IEC 610101-2-031:2002EN/IEC 610101-2-032:2002,
CAT III 1000 V,
EN/IEC 61010-2-030:2010,
EN/IEC 610101-2-031:2002,
EN/IEC 610101-2-032:2002
Enclosure class
IP 42
Battery size
Battery life
400 h
165 mm
63.5 mm
Technical Info
Storage temperature -40 °C to 60 °C,
LCD with backlight, 3 1/2" digits,
Temperature coefficient 0.1 X(spec. accuracy)/°C(<18 °C or >28 °C),
Relative humidity 90% at 35 °C, 75% at 40 °C, 45% at 50 °C,
RF communication range 20 m,
Logging frequency/interval At least 1 second/adjustable via PC or front panel,
Jaw opening (10 inch) coil 254 mm,
Electromagnetic compatibility EN 61326-1:2006,
Certifications CSA, FCC T68, FWCS IC:6627A-FWCS,
Storage capacity Up to 65,000 measurement values,
Communicates on the 2.4 GHz ISM radio frequency band,
Peak factor 50Hz/60Hz 3.0 at 1100 A, 2.5 at 1400 A, 1.42 at 2500 A, add 2% for correction factor >2
220 g
14 mm
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