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Clip-on ammeter Fluke 374 FC / 375 FC

Clip-on ammeter Fluke 374 FC / 375 FC

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Fluke Connect™ is a test tool system with Bluetooth communication. It is possible for maintenance technicians, electricians and engineers. via a smartphone or tablet app, to establish real time remote access and gather, store and share* data and images with the whole team without the need of leaving the field. This creates the opportunity to spot trends, non-conformity without supervision on site* and helps the team to perform their tasks better and faster.

*) Within the Bluetooth coverage range.

Fluke 374 FC and 375 FC AC/DC clip-on ammeters for true RMS. The clip-on ammeters 374 FC and 375 FC have improved performance suitable for many different measuring situations. With AC-voltage and current measurements for true RMS, 374 FC and 375 FC can show measurement values up to 600 V and 600 A in both AC and DC modes and manage the registration of min/max/average values and inrush. Using iFlex™ flexible current probes (accessory) measurement value readings can be expanded to 1000A and 1000 V AC/DC. Can be used a s a standalone meter or as part of a system. Fluke 375 FC is perfect for industrial environments and has an integrated low pass filter and measuring frequencies up to 500 Hz and mV DC for use with a variety of accessories. Safety class 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III.

Suitable current probes, see 179261003 and 179261102.

Voltage measurement range (AC) max
600 V
Current measurement range (AC), max
600 A
Current resolution (AC)
0.1 A
Current measurement range (DC), max
600 A
Current inaccuracy (DC)
±2% (+5 digits)
Resistance measurement range, max
6000 Ω
Capacitance measurement range, max
1000 µF
Capacitance measurement range, min
1 µF
Gap opening
34 mm
Data hold
Measurement value memory
Background lit Display
85 mm
410 g
No. of batteries
2 st
Battery type
Battery size
Safety classification
600 V CAT IV,
1000 V CAT III
248 mm
45 mm
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