Beveller TRUMPF TruTool TKF

Product information

Portable machine, for bevelling oxide-free V-, Y-, X- and K-joints for welding. The machine works with a diagonal blade which successively bevels the edge of the plate same time as the machine is fed manually. On account of the machine's design the workpiece can be processed in horizontal and vertical positions. Possible to bevel both concave and convex workpieces, in addition, the machine can also be used for bevelling pipe. Plate thickness and bevel is set quickly without the need of tools.

TKF 700is equipped with a machine head that can be set by using the quick release so that the machine can be operated in three directions.

Supplied with a robust and shock resistant TRUMPF Box storage case in 100% ABS plastic. The case is stackable and features a sturdy carrying handle. Several cases can be fitted together to form a storage system.

The factory warranty can be extended to 5 years by registering the machine at Trumpf's website.

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