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Beading machine RAS

Beading machine RAS

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06850101 Motor powered beading machine in stable welded steel design. With variable, frequency controlled speed which is regulated using a foot switch. Switch for forwards/reverse fitted on the machine stand. Height adjustment of the journalled upper beading axle performed using a crank, axial offset of the lower beading axle by moving the motor assembly. The axles are hardened and run on needle bearings. Gear wheel operation. Supplied with large hardened stop plate and 9 pairs of wheels.

06850200 Motor powered needle bearings with ''Auto-teach'' function suitable for production. The machine memorises how the ''first'' part is manufactured, i.e. when and how the upper roller is run down, motorised operation via push buttons, and how many turns the machine makes. Further components are then produced as the part memorised by the machine. The speed is determined by the operator and is regulated variably using the foot switch. Axial offset of the lower axle is easily performed using a lever and the central locking maintains the right position during beading. The axles are hardened and needle mounted.

Supplied with large hardened stop plate, but exclusive wheels. Suitable wheels on request.

Manufacturer´s description
RAS 11.35
Motor driven
Motor voltage
230 V 50 Hz
No. of bevels
Plate thickness (400 N/mm2)
1.25 mm
Centre-to-centre distance of axles
50 mm
Diameter of the axles
20 mm
Working height
1000 mm
45 kg
Enclosure class IP
Gap depth
200 mm
Feed rate
0-20 m/min
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