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Axel with Ezylock for T8 MSK-250 Tormek

Axel with Ezylock for T8 MSK-250 Tormek

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The main shaft, nut and EzyLock are all made of stainless steel. The EzyLock ensures that the stone is securely fastened, without the risk of it coming loose. Thanks to a unique design, no tools are required when assembling or dismantling the grindstone.

With the Tormek EzyLock, which works both as a nut and a washer, you can easily mount the grindstone with just your hands. The large pitch of the left-hand threaded nut causes the rotational force of the stone to tighten.

When mounting the grindstone, turn the EzyLock nut counterclockwise by hand. When you start grinding, the nut will automatically tighten to the correct torque.

If you need to change the stone, turn the stone clockwise while holding the leather edge plate with the other hand. The EzyLock nut then loosens automatically.

The construction makes it easy to work with different grindstones, you can easily change from Tormek Original stone to the special stones Blackstone Silicon and Japanese Waterstone.

Fits Tormek T-8, Tormek T-7, Tormek 2000 and older models with a 250 mm stone.

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