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Abrasive nylon sheet Norton Bear-Tex F

Abrasive nylon sheet Norton Bear-Tex F

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Bear-Tex. For cleaning, surface finishing, deburring and basic polishing. The flexible design gives a smooth and constant contact with the work surface without scratching or affecting the original shape of the work piece. Can be used wet or dry.

Application areas:

Type F0001 Without abrasive. For basic sanding and polishing. White.

Type F2302 Most aggressive sheet, resistant, long life. Finishing of stainless steel, removal of welding discolouration. Yellow brown.

Type F2300 Strong and open structure, minor clogging, long life. Deburring, removal of rust and surface coatings. Reddish-brown.

Type F2401 Open structure, minor clogging, long life. Basic deburring and oxide removal. Gives a fine finish on most materials. Reddish-brown.

Type F2504 Gives an extreme finish on most materials. Red.

Type F2568 Heavy-duty nylon fibre, good performance, economical. General cleaning of metal and plastic. Green.

Type F2801 Flexible design, excellent surface, long life. Balancing of clear varnish on sensitive enamel. Gold yellow.

Type F4660 Balancing of clear varnish. Polishing. Grey.

Type F4807 Balancing of clear varnish, finishing metal surfaces, deburring plastics, final finish on aluminium. Door and window frames, surface conditioning of paint, dulling of the clearcoat and balancing acrylic lacquer. Grey.

Type F2316 Ideal for general purpose use providing durability and smear free blending, with built in resistance on edges. The stiffness of the pad ensures max de-burring action. Brown.

ETIM class code
Sheet material
150 mm
230 mm
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