Adhesive sealant Y YES! Flex WTF

Product information
Product benefits
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Odorless
  • Sandable

Adhesive sealant Y YES! Flex WTF is the ultimate one-for-all fix and seal adhesive that seals, bonds and mounts.

Ideal for roofs, boats or other demanding situations where there is UV exposure, certified for ventilation work (VDI 6022). Very high resistance to mold and fungal growth and extremely high UV resistance. Good adhesion to typically difficult porous surfaces even without a primer. Adheres extremely well to almost all materials, even to wet surfaces (also under water). Can be sanded and overpainted with almost all paints.

Adhesive sealant Y YES! Flex WTF is ideal for bonding, sealing and glazing.

ETIM class code
Safety data sheet
Temperature resistance max
90 °C
Temperature resistance min
-40 °C
Drying time
24 h
Indoor and outdoor
Indoor and outdoor
Work temperature, min
5 °C
Max. working temperature
40 °C
Storage temperature, min
10 °C
Storage temperature, max
25 °C
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