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Adhesive sealant E Express Flex WTF

Adhesive sealant E Express Flex WTF

Product information
Product benefits
  • Very fast curing
  • Very high final strength
  • High mechanical durability
  • Odorless

Adhesive sealant E Express Flex WTF can be used for all typical adhesions where high initial tack is not critical while speed and clean use is preferred.

Ideal when a fast drying, easy to use and very powerful adhesive sealant is needed and when joint needs a high mechanical and chemical durability. Reaches very high final strength quickly and cures even at low temperatures. Suitable for almost all materials (not for PP, PE, PTFE -Teflon, bitumen). Easy to use, despite being fast it has enough adjustment time. Can be overpainted with almost all paints and it does not corrode surfaces. Thanks to its composition, it withstands vibration and absorbs shocks and has a high mechanical durability.

Adhesive sealant E Express Flex WTF is suitable for versatile use in various of adhesion and sealing purposes.  

Manufacturer´s description
ETIM class code
Safety data sheet
Temperature resistance max
90 °C
Temperature resistance min
-40 °C
Drying time
24 h
Indoor and outdoor
Indoor and outdoor
Max. working temperature
40 °C
Work temperature, min
5 °C
Storage temperature, max
25 °C
Storage temperature, min
10 °C
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