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Magnetic drill Magbeast HM50T

Magnetic drill Magbeast HM50T

Product information
Product benefits

  • Variable speed, high torque motor. Ideal for countersinking and reaming.
  • Reverse speed motor ideal for threading (tapping) holes.
  • Lightweight. Only 14kg yet can cut up to 50 mm diameter.
  • Maintenance friendly twin slide rails.
  • No wearing parts and adjustment free operation.
  • Spoke handles can be fitted on left or right side for operator convenience (applies to all HM50 models).
  • Optional 360 Swivel Base

A heavy-duty 2 morse taper drilling machine, the MagBeast HM50T is ideal for countersinking and reaming. A lightweight option, weighing at only 14kg, that can cut up to 50mm in diameter.

Magnetic base width
180 mm
Magnetic base length
90 mm
Magnetic pulling force
12 kN
Motor output (W)
1.15 kW
Motor voltage
240 V
Spindle speed
100-430 r/min
22 kg
ETIM class code
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